The goal of this blog is to provoke the curiosity and thoughtfulness that seems to be universally associated with an inclination of the head and, in the case of puppies, an adorable perking of the ears. Most posts will probably come in the form of links to such content, but I will strive for a balance of thoughtfulness and playfulness (hence the puppies). Finally, this blog may serve the function as a personal journal helping me to ‘sort it all out’ by sharing some experiences and letting out some of that internal monologue.

Content will be drawn from whatever cool things I find on the internet, my own ‘pennable’ experiences, stuff I learned at school, etc. I write each entry for myself as much as, if not more than, for the reader (if such a being ever comes into existence). If you have any questions, complaints, or prize offerings I’m sure there’s some way to contact me.


Andrew B

background image credit: me! Model representation near the Necropolis in Glasgow, Scotland.

black and white dog image credit: tala by Bartek Gebethner http://www.flickr.com/photos/bartek_gebethner/5091101314/


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