Rainy music

Rainy Mood



 beautiful, beautiful profit.

Ku`u ipo i ka he`e pu`e one

Me ke kai nehe i ka `ili`ili

Nipo aku i laila ka mana`o

Ua kili`opu mäua i ka nahele

My sweetheart in the rippling hills of sand

 With the sea rustling the pebbles

 There, the memory is impassioned

In the forest where we delighted

Eiä la e maliu mai

Eiä ko aloha i `ane`i

Hiki mai ana i ka pö nei

Ua kili`opu mäua i ka nahele

Here, please listen

 Here, your lover is here

He came last night

We delighted in the forest

Ka `owë nenehe a ke kai

Hone ana i ka piko wai`olu

I laila au la `ike

Kili`opu mäua i ka nahele




Ah, the first post to a blog. Let the contrived awkwardness ensue.

The title “head tilted, ears pricked” came about as much from my attempts to encapsulate the purpose of this blog as to find something coherent that was an available domain name at WordPress. Finally, all those hours racking my brain for the perfect name to bestow on my created RPG heroes have paid off! Shout out to “Kitty” my brutally violent barbarian of Diablo III.

The goal of this blog is to provoke the curiosity and thoughtfulness that seem to be universally associated with an inclination of the head and, in the case of puppies, an adorable lifting of the ears. Most posts will probably come in the form of links to such content, but I will strive for a balance of thoughtfulness and playfulness (hence the puppies).

Finally, this blog may serve the function as a personal journal helping me to ‘sort it all out’ by sharing some experiences and letting out some of that internal monologue.

Here goes nothing! Now, please enjoy this oh so familiar yet oh so descriptive dog meme.


meme image credit: knowyourmeme.com