the blogger

Meet the blogger

Name: Andrew B

Species: Homo sapiens

Occupation: Debtor, aka student

Interests: Math, pizza, fantasy novels, hiking, fundamental particles

The things that influence my perspective on the world the most are: my large and diverse (in too many ways to detail here) family; growing up in Portland, Oregon; studying math and physics – and inadvertently WGSS, race theory, and politics – at a liberal arts college; an intelligent and talented girlfriend; and of course my love for pizza and all spicy foods.

For years I’ve wanted to keep a journal of some sort: something to mark the most significant moments, save the things worth saving. And, like everyone, I’ve a desire to create and to share. Probably like most people, I never found a medium that stuck.

I would never, never start a blog.

They’re too public, too “Hey, look at me! LOOK AT ME.” Any attempt at sophistication would seem contrived, every shot at humor campy. To think myself as part of the “blogosphere” was enough to send tremors through my soul.

Well, at the risk of pride and internet reputation, here I am. Writing my blog. For better or worse, I hope this is the right medium to share some things I think are totally rad while hopefully learning a few things about myself along the way.

As for my qualifications for commenting on music, philosophy, contemporary events, or other topics that find their way onto this site… I have none. However. sources will be cited, claims will be guarded, and straw men will go unmolested. It’s time to put those loftily held liberal arts ideologies to the test.

God speed, and happy blogging.

Andrew B


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